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Nations Now!

05 September 2018

Nations Now!

The Nations Now! Leaders event took place at Moorlands Bible College in Dorset.

Following the GOfest 2017 event at Moorlands College, we got together with some local church leaders to engage with them regarding an appropriate strategy for GOfest follow-up. This event and further discussion yielded a plan to hold an annual event for church leaders, the first of which was entitled, ‘Nations Now’ held on 5th September 2018 in partnership with Moorlands College and Baylink, the regional Evangelical Alliance.

This event was intended for the busy church leader, you may sometimes be asking questions such as, ‘The need is so great in the UK – is there still a need for the UK church to be involved in taking the gospel to the world?’; ‘What is the role of the UK Church in global mission’?; ‘How can our church connect with God’s mission in the wider world?’

Africa Inland Mission’s International Director Luke Herrin was the keynote speaker, and the event was hosted by Moorland’s Dr Ian Kirby. Tim Heaton from AIM – one of GOfest’s key partners - facilitated a panel including Baylink’s Chairman Colin Mitchell, Luke Herrin, the keynote speaker, Jo Jowett from Global Connections and Dr. Kirkby. A number of church leaders from across the region joined us to as we considered together how the local church might further engage with Christ’s command to be his witnesses in our local and global contexts.

We are looking forward to the next event on 6th June 2019 when the focus will be the role of short-term mission, as described on the ‘More events’ page. We are continuing to develop our follow-up strategy as we continue to listen and learn from the relationships we are building with local church leaders.